The Doctor's Help - July 6

Yesterday was a difficult day for me (Joan).  I suffered with a migraine and had to go to the doctor to get a shot to ease the pain.  This makes me think of how we are sometimes like this with our heavenly Father; we coast along doing just fine until we cannot handle our situation without His help. 

 As Christ followers, God is our expert.  We can call upon Him at any time to help us.  He even sends physical helpers to aid us.  In my case yesterday, it was my wonderful and patient husband, Brad.  Although he couldn't take away the pain, he took me to the doctor because he trusted the doctor to help me. 

Sometimes we need others to us get to The Doctor, our heavenly father.  As a country, we need God because we cannot fix our problems without Him.  He has given us the prescription:  to humble ourselves, pray, and turn away from wickedness.  And His medicine:  He will hear us, forgive and heal us. 

Prayer:  We humble ourselves before You and turn away from the wickedness in our lives.  We thank You for hearing our cry, forgiving us and healing us.  We pray for our country, that our leaders will seek You in the decisions that they make.  Thank You for loving us.  Please help us to be a shining beacon that reflects Your love. Amen 

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