How to Host a House Concert

What could be more natural? You love hearing live music. We make our living playing music. Next time we come through your town, why don’t we do a house concert? If you’ve ever hosted a New Year’s Eve party for friends, organized a garage sale or thrown together a neighborhood potluck, you have all the necessary skills required. This information is designed to cover all the bases and outline the details step-by-step to take you from: “Where do I begin?!” to “Let’s do it again!!” 

A house concert is literally a concert in a living room (or a basement, or a backyard…).  They’re happening more and more frequently all across the country as artists find that 25 to 50 people can fit into a living room quite comfortably.  It’s a great format where both audience and artist alike get to experience an intimate concert in a ‘listening room’ setting that is comfortable for all.  This is not a party with background music.  It is a sit down concert in your home.  There is, little advertising necessary and ticket prices can be whatever the artist and presenter agree upon (usually a $15-20 suggested donation per person).  The main thing required from you is: 1) having the space to host it, and 2) inviting your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.  We love doing this kind of show and they can either be just a concert, or you may choose to provide appetizers and drinks, or do a potluck.  The options are really wide open depending upon how you’d like to host it.