You Refresh My Life - October 3

And You refresh my life; 

You are true to Your name 

Today we continue sharing the song, Psalm 23, Lord, You Are My Shepherd (click track title to play song).  It is from our latest CD, Before Your Throne. 

So far we have learned that God is our Shepherd who gives us everything we need and also provides a place for us to rest.  He also leads us to a place of comfort and peace where His living water flows. 

Today let us look at the fifth phrase in Psalm 23. 

And You refresh my life; You are true to Your name. 

We can trust that God will sustain us and renew our lives by supplying us with what is necessary to live.  But God also restores our souls when we are going through difficulties.  He does this because of who He is and because He loves us. 

There is not one person on this earth who has not experience some level of pain, disappointment or grief.  The good news is that our Shepherd cares for us, and He is able to restore our souls.  He restores and heals our minds and emotions, bringing renewal and strength to our lives. 

The Lord, who is our Shepherd is also our provider, sustainer, comforter and healer. 


Thank You, Lord for bringing restoration to our weary souls when we are going through difficulties in life.  We can trust You to take care of us because of who You are.  Amen.

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