God's Protection 

God will put his angels in charge of you 
to protect you wherever you go. 
(Psalm 91:11 GNT) 


All throughout scripture we are told to trust in God's protection over us. It is one thing to read it, and quite another to live it. 

On this past Sunday, Brad got to experience God's angels on a firsthand basis. He was in a sailboat race to raise funds for Hospice care in the local area, and crewing on a sailboat that was about 19 feet in length. The boat was very sturdy with a weight of approximately 2,000 pounds. During the race their boat was hit by a much larger sailboat, 38 feet in length with a weight of approximately 27,000 pounds.  In other words, the weight of the larger boat was 13.5 times the weight of their boat.  

Thankfully, Brad and the skipper were not near the collision area between the boats, but the skipper was thrown overboard. Amazingly, Brad managed to hold on tight and stay onboard. He stated afterwards that he knew God's angels kept him safe. Thankfully, both Brad and the skipper managed escape this scary situation uninjured except for some minor cuts and bruises. 

Had the bigger boat hit their boat further aft, closer to where they were sitting, it could have been an entirely different outcome. All praise to God for keeping them both safe! 

God does indeed send His angels to keep us safe.  The events of Sunday testify to it! 

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. God's invisible army is at your service, and God can see you through.  
-Warren W. Wiersbe

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